Accreditation and Registration Diplomatic Notes

HC-60-02: Definition of Family 11/13/2002
HC-83-04: Employer Requirements Domestic Employee Contracts 07/09/2004
HC-131-04: Employer Requirements for Domestic Employees Secretariat 11/01/2004
HC-143-04: Overage Dependents Confirmation - Missions 12/16/2004
HC-143-[S]-04 Overage Dependents Confirmation Secretariat 12/16/2004
HC-143[SMM, OIC, ISA, EU, & AU]-04: Overage Dependents Confirmation Observer Offices 12/16/2004
HC-06-05: Diplomatic Accreditation Criteria 01/19/2005
HC-52-05: Domestic Employee Prevailing Wage 06/09/2005
HC-53-05: Domestic Employee Prevailing Wage Secretariat 06/10/2005
HC-21-06: Visa Requirements for Interns 03/17/2006
HC-34-07: Prevailing Wage for Domestic Employees - Missions 05/16/2007
HC-34[s]-07: Prevailing Wage for Domestic Employees - Secretariat 05/16/2007
HC-57-08 and HC-83-04 : Treatment of Domestic Workers at UN Missions 06/27/2008
HC-57[S]-08 and HC-131-04 Treatment of Domestic Workers at the UN Secretariat 06/27/2008
HC-106-(S)-09: Prevailing Wage 2009 Secretariat 05/25/2009
HC-106-09: Prevailing Wage 2009 Circular 09/25/2009
HC-125-09: Domestic Employees PreNotification Missions 10/15/2009
HC-125-(S)-09: Domestic Employees PreNotification Secretariat 10/23/2009
HC-125-(REV)-09 Revision of diplomatic note HC-125-09 11/23/2009
HC-125-(S)-(REV)-09 Revision of diplomatic note HC-125-(S)-09 Secretariat 11/23/2009
HC-144-09: Definition of Family Members, Missions 11/24/2009
HC-144-(S)-09: Definition of Family Members, United Nations 11/24/2009
HC-03-10: Criteria for Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities 01/27/2010
HC-39-11 Prevailing Wage Missions Circular 03/30/2011
HC-40-(S)-11 Prevailing Wage Secretariat 03/30/2011
HC-128-11 Prevailing Wage Missions Circular 09/28/2011
HC-129-(S)-11 Prevailing Wage Secretariat 09/28/2011
HC-18-12 Household Employee Requirements Circular 01/20/2012
HC-18-S-12 Household Employee Requirements Secretariat 01/20/2012
HC-12-12: New ID Cards Circular 01/24/2012
HC-13-12: New ID Cards Secretariat 01/24/2012
HC-14-12: New ID Cards EU 01/24/2012
HC-15-12: New ID Cards Holy See 01/24/2012
HC-24-13 Domestic Worker Prevailing Wage 2013 Diplomatic Circular 03/15/2013
HC-24-(S)-13 Domestic Worker Prevailing Wage 2013 Secretariat Diplomatic Note 03/15/2013
HC-41-(S)-13, I-94 CHANGES - Guidance for UN Secretariat 05/07/2013
HC-41-13, I-94 CHANGES - Guidance for Missions and Observers 05/17/2013
HC-99-13 Prevailing Wage 2013 Circular 09/27/2013
HC-99-(S)-13 Prevailing Wage 2013 Secretariat 09/27/2013
HC-49-14: Accreditation of Secondary Dependents 05/21/2014
HC-59-14: Domestic Worker Requirements 2014 Circular Missions 06/06/2014
HC-60-14 REGISTRATION REQUIREMENT for Change of Visa Status Requests Diplomatic Circular 06/17/2014
HC-59-(S)-14 Domestic Worker Requirements 2014 Secretariat 07/03/2014
HC-91-14 Prevailing Wage 2014 Domestic Workers diplomatic circular Missions 07/25/2014
HC-91-(S)-14 Prevailing Wage 2014 Domestic Workers diplomatic note Secretariat 07/25/2014
HC-106-(S)-14 Transfer of Domestic Workers 2014 SECRETARIAT 10/09/2014
HC-106-14 Transfer of Domestic Workers 2014 CIRCULAR 10/09/2014
HC-06-15 Revised Policies & Procedures regarding passports circular 02/12/2015
HC-35-15: Tax Circular regarding Domestic Workers 04/17/2015
HC-44-15 Visa Circular regarding Applications for Renewals and Changes of Status 05/08/2015