2008 OIOS Reports

12/31/08  ICT Governance, Strategic Management, and Security at the United Nations Mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUC) [AT2008/620/01]
12/31/08  PENSYS and document imaging system [AT2008/800/01]
12/30/08  Interim Report on Air Charter Contracts and Company Agents [PTF-R011/08]
12/26/08  Efficiency, effectiveness and quality of services provided to beneficiaries by the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund [AS2008/800/01]
12/26/08  The Victims and Witnesses Section of ICTY [AA2008/270/03]
12/24/08  Audit of the "Initiative for Central Africa"- The natural resources and trade flows in the great lakes region [AA2008/710/05]
12/24/08  Information and Communication Technology strategic systems planning and governance structures at the United Nations Secretariat [AH2006/513/07]
12/24/08  Payment Process at the United Nations Office at Geneva [AE2008/311/01]
12/23/08  Audit of the "Initiative for Central Africa": The Cross-border [AA2008/710/06]
12/23/08  Report on project, a United Nations staff member, and embezzlement and conversion of United Nations funds [PTF-R009/08]
12/22/08  ICTR Completion Strategy [AA2008/260/02]
12/19/08  Report on procurement operations [PTF-R008/08]
12/19/08  Report on procurement operations [PTF-R008/08]
12/11/08  UNHCR Operations in Thailand [AR2008/147/01]
12/05/08  Adequacy of arrangements for the implementation of Clean Development Mechanism by UNFCCC [AE2007/341/1]
12/05/08  Recruitment in UNMIT [AP200/682/04]
12/05/08  Report on the strategic fuel reserves [PTF-R007/08]
12/05/08  The Automated System of Customs Data Programme of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development [AE2007/341/1]
12/04/08  Report on [PTF-R005/08]
12/04/08  Report on the [PTF-006/08]
12/03/08  Security Operations in UNON [AA2007/211/03]
12/02/08  UNODC regional office for Russia and Belarus [AE2008/366/01]
11/26/08  Recruitment in UNAMI [AP2008/812/05]
11/21/08  Ethics Office [AH2008/515/01]
11/20/08  Management of Trust Fund supporting OCHA [AN2008/590/01]
11/20/08  Planning of Logistical Support for Major Activities in MINUSTAH [AP2008/683/02]
11/19/08  Audit of Financial Management of Projects in MINUSTAH [AP2008/636/01]
11/19/08  Audit of the agreement under which UNOCI would transfer United Nations equipment to RTI [AP2007/640/14]
11/19/08  Property Management in UNMEE [AP200/624/04]
11/18/08  Horizontal Audit of the procurement of core requirements in peacekeeping missions [AP2007/600/07]
11/14/08  Closure report on possible presumptive fraud related to MIP hardship claims by staff member
11/14/08  The UNCR Headquarters Asset Management Board [AR2007/161/03]
10/30/08  OHCHR Cambodia Country Office [AE2008/336/02]
10/30/08  United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan [AP2008/630/05]
10/29/08  ICTY Completion Strategy [AA2008/270/01]
10/21/08  Budget Process in UNMIT [AP2008/682/02]
10/17/08  Audit of expendable inventory management in UNMIL [AP2007/626/13]
10/17/08  Audit of the provision of medical services in UNMIS [AP2008/632/11]
10/17/08  UNHCR Operations in Kenya [AR2007/112/02]
10/17/08  UNHCR Operations in Romania [AR2008/121/01]
10/17/08  UNHCR's information technology security relating to PeopleSoft Applications [AR2008/166/01]
10/17/08  United Nations Commissioner for Refugees [AR2007/160/07]
10/15/08  Audit of contingent owned equipment in MONUC [AP2007/620/03]
10/14/08  Department of Field Support [AP2008/615/03]
10/13/08  Audit of administration of DPKO,DFS and DPA trust funds [AP2007/600/09]
10/13/08  MINURCAT - Risk Assessment [AP2008/683/01]
10/03/08  Audit of the execution of the delegation of authority to UMIK to procure core requirements [AP2007/650/11]
10/03/08  United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti [AP2008/683/09]
09/26/08  Contingent report on sexual exploitation and assault
07/23/08  Closure report on integrity issues
07/22/08  Investigation report into alleged forgery and misuse of United Nations documents, information, communication and technology resources by a staff member
06/30/08  Closure report on a possible improper contract
05/27/08  Closure report on assertions
05/23/08  Closure report on assertions of bribes being paid
05/19/08  Investigation report into allegations of fraud
05/09/08  Closure report on allegations of false expense claims
04/28/08  Investigation report on entitlement fraud report
04/24/08  Investigation report into a report of sexual exploitation
04/23/08  Closure report on attempted smuggling of commercial goods
04/16/08  Investigation report on retaliation
04/09/08  Investigation report on abuse of authority, providing information to the media, and engagement in outside activity
04/09/08  Investigation report on allegation of outside occupation
04/08/08  Closure report into allegations of illegally withholding
04/07/08  Closure report on allegation of sexual harassment
04/01/08  Advisory report on assertions of bias
04/01/08  Investigation report on alleged assault
03/07/08  Closure report on misconduct
03/05/08  Closure report on alleged missing information technology assets
02/21/08  Overview report on allegations of misconduct
02/13/08  Investigation report on an allegation of sexual abuse
02/13/08  Investigation report on an allegation of sexual exploitation and abuse
02/13/08  Investigation report on sexual exploitation
02/13/08  Investigation report on sexual exploitation