Statement by Ambassador Joseph M. Torsella on the ICSC Decision to Institute Salary Freeze

Ambassador Joseph M Torsella
U.S. Representative for UN Management and Reform 
New York, NY, United States
August 2, 2012


The United States is very pleased by the International Civil Service Commission’s (ICSC) decision to effectively implement a salary freeze for New York-based UN employees, while deferring a final decision on the issue until the General Assembly takes it up in the fall session. At a time when taxpayers everywhere are facing greater financial pressures, the United States firmly believes the UN should not be granting pay raises and has been advocating for such action for months.

The onus is now on the General Assembly to affirm the ICSC’s sound judgment by officially freezing UN salaries in its fall session. On behalf of the taxpayers who fund the UN's important work, we applaud the ICSC Commissioners for their restraint, and we encourage the Secretary-General and Member States to build on this responsible decision.


PRN: 2012/168