United States Delegation Statement by Reva Gupta, Program Officer in bureau of PRM, UNFPA Draft Country Programme for Cameroon, 2013-2017, UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS Second Regular Session United States Delegation

Reva Gupta, program officer, in the bureau of Population, Refugees & Migration
New York, NY
September 4, 2012


Mr. President, the United States would like to thank UNFPA for the opportunity to comment on the Draft Country Programme Document for Cameroon.

The United States shares UNFPA’s commitment to improving maternal and newborn health in Cameroon. However, we encourage UNFPA to provide further details about how maternal and newborn health and family planning activities will be linked and coordinated on the ground. Similarly, we recommend that more information be provided about how UNFPA’s prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) activities link with the UNICEF mandate and with the interventions already being made by other donors.

Contraceptive commodity security remains a persistent challenge in Cameroon. While there is brief mention in the draft country program that UNFPA will strengthen the national system for reproductive health commodities, we encourage UNFPA to provide further detail about changes or innovation in their approach. Furthermore, given regional initiatives in reproductive health commodity procurement, we encourage further consideration about how UNFPA efforts will link into, support, or strengthen these initiatives.

Lastly, we encourage UNFPA to further explain how the activities proposed in this country programme document build on past achievements and activities.

Thank you again for the opportunity to comment.


PRN: 2012/186