Remarks by Ambassador Joseph M. Torsella, U.S. Ambassador for United Nations Management & reform , at a Fifth Committee Meeting on Scales of Assessments, October 5, 2012

Ambassador Joseph M Torsella
U.S. Representative for UN Management and Reform 
New York, NY
October 5, 2012


Thank you, Mr. Chairman. At the outset, I would like to express my delegation's appreciation to Ambassador Bernardo Griever for once again chairing the Committee on Contributions and presenting its report for consideration by the Fifth Committee this morning, as well as to Mr. Lionelito Berridge, Chief of the Contributions and Policy Coordination Service, for presenting the report of the Secretary-General on multi-year payment plans.

Mr. Chairman, the triennial review of the scale of assessments provides the General Assembly an opportunity to review whether the existing apportionment of UN expenses remains appropriate for the world today. We note that since the time the scale of assessments were last negotiated, developing countries have continued their impressive economic growth.

The General Assembly must adequately reflect these economic realities in the scale of assessments for 2013-2015 while also continuing to respect the two fundamental principles that have governed the construction of the scale since the UN’s inception, namely (1) the apportionment of expenses on the basis of capacity to pay and (2) the avoidance of overreliance upon any one contributor. Countries whose economies have grown should welcome the opportunity to become a larger stakeholder in the work of the Organization.

Mr. Chairman, while remaining fully cognizant of the importance of this agenda item, the United States hopes that the General Assembly can adopt the scale for 2013-2015 well in advance of the holidays. To that end, we stand ready to work with all delegations under your able leadership to achieve consensus on the scale of assessments expeditiously.

I thank you, Mr. Chairman.


PRN: 2012/205