Remarks by U.S. Senior Advisor Richard Erdman, on Afghanistan, at the UN General Assembly

Richard Erdman
United States Senior Advisor 
U.S. Mission to the United Nations 
New York, NY
November 9, 2009


The United States is pleased to join the other member states in co-sponsoring this resolution on the situation in Afghanistan which this Assembly will act on shortly. This resolution recognizes the progress that the Afghan people have made in rebuilding their country, but it acknowledges that far more work has yet to be done.

We recognize the Afghan government and security forces for their continuing efforts to address challenges in security, governance, human rights, and the rule of law. We also thank the Secretary-General, his Special Representative, the staff of UNAMA and other UN personnel, and the forces participating in the International Security Assistance Force and Operation Enduring Freedom for their shared commitment to the people of Afghanistan.
This resolution highlights the challenges posed by those who seek to disrupt Afghan efforts to build a prosperous and stable country. Violent attacks by the Taliban, Al-Qaida and other extremist and criminal groups undermine efforts to bring stability, security and a representative government to Afghanistan, and this resolution rightly denounces them. The brutal attack on October 28 on the guesthouse in Kabul demonstrated once more – and once more tragically ¬ the need to stand firm against violent efforts to undermine the peace and stability that the Afghan people are working so hard to establish.
Afghanistan has now reached a conclusion to its Presidential election process. We congratulate President Karzai on his victory and we congratulate all the candidates who stood in Afghanistan's second Presidential election, in particular Dr. Abdullah. This first-ever, Afghan-led election was held under challenging circumstances, but the result was in line with Afghanistan's laws and its constitution.

As we move beyond the election, the credibility and success of the new President and his government will rest on its ability to deliver better security, governance, justice and economic progress to the Afghan people. We stand ready to support the new government in this regard; and we call on all member states to redouble their own efforts to work with the new Afghan government to promote stability and prosperity for the Afghan people, along with peace and security for the region.
Thank you.


PRN: 2009/263