Explanation of Vote on Agenda Item 55: Globalization, L.16 Towards a New International Economic Order, in the Second Committee of the Sixty Fourth Session of the United Nations General Assembly

John F. Sammis
United States Deputy Representative to ECOSOC 
U.S. Mission to the United Nations 
New York, NY
December 4, 2009


The United States strongly supports the goal of moving toward a world in which all nations enjoy the benefits of broad, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth.  This ambition will require close cooperation among us all.  We need creative new ideas to work toward shared international objectives, and do not believe that this resolution offers fresh thoughts that can advance our deliberations.

The United Nations must provide an appropriate framework for managing the demands and needs of today’s complex world – one that encourages ongoing progress in the developing world.  That is the commitment that President Obama offered in his General Assembly speech and we urge that future resolutions of this Committee begin the difficult work of offering innovative thinking that can bring us to consensus.

This resolution fails this test, and for that reason we have called a vote and will abstain.


PRN: 2009/304