Statement by Charles Chang, at the UNDP/UNFPA Executive Board Session, on the UNDP/UNFPA Report to ECOSOC

New York, NY
January 21, 2009


Thank you, Mr. President.
I would also like to thank the management of UNDP and UNFPA for preparing this joint report.

While the draft report is comprehensive in the areas covered, we believe its contents could be improved upon in terms of providing more information on the progress made in achieving the results specified in the organizations’ Strategic Plans – in UNDP’s case, the Institutional Results Matrix, such as efforts on strengthening inter-agency coordination at the country level and building country-team and national capacities. On this latter point, we fully support the statement by the representative of Antigua and Barbuda on behalf of the Group of 77 and China that we need more in-depth reporting on the results and challenges of building national capacities. We also support the statement made by the Permanent Representative of Tanzania on behalf of a number of donor and program countries, stressing the importance of better support for “deliver as one” at the country level and reporting on such activities.

Two areas in which UNDP has made significant progress should also be reported to the ECOSOC: the adoption of the Accountability Framework to improve transparency and accountability, and the growing inclusive markets report and its follow-up actions.

We recognize that the General Assembly, through ECOSOC, provides overarching guidance to the governing bodies of UN’s operational agencies. It is envisioned in the founding resolutions of several of these operational agencies, including UNDP and UNFPA, and has since been in practice for quite some time, that the Executive Board is in the best position to translate political guidance into operational policy instructions to the two organizations.

The Executive Board has carried out this role seriously and responsibly. Most notably, the Board has taken a pragmatic approach in establishing a close working relationship with the management of the organizations. We believe the tremendous progress the organizations have made in both funding raising and program delivery is largely a direct result of this close relationship. We would like to further strengthen this relationship by encouraging the organizations to continue to improve the information flow to the Board, including through annual reports.

Thank you.


PRN: 2009/022