Statement By David A. Traystman, Adviser, on Agenda Item 157: Financing of Activities Arising from Security Council Resolution 1863 (2009)

David A. Traystman, Adviser
New York, NY
March 25, 2009


Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
We would like to thank Catherine Vendat, the Director of the Peacekeeping Financing Division, Susana Malcorra, the Under-Secretary-General for the Department of Field Support, and Susan McLurg, The Chairperson of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions for their statements.

The United States believes strongly that the international community must support AMISOM in assisting the Somali people in achieving peace and reconciliation. AMISOM provides the necessary security for the political and reconciliation processes to continue and provides important access to humanitarian operations.

The United States is the largest humanitarian donor to Somalia, providing more than $427 million in food and non-food assistance since 2007. In addition, the United States has borne the costs of providing logistical and other support to AMISOM forces in Somalia over the past two years to over $120 million, providing much more support than any other partner. We are committed to continuing this support.

We have witnessed a number of positive developments with regard to the situation in Somalia during the past several weeks and as a result we are at an unprecedented stage in terms of the coalescence of Somali political forces. In response, negative forces are seeking to undermine the peace process and the security situation remains tenuous. The troops from Burundi and Uganda serving in AMISOM are doing crucial work in securing key infrastructure and allowing for the delivery of humanitarian aid. The United States supports the important role played by AMISOM in Somalia and the decision to strengthen support for AMISOM provided under Security Council resolution 1863.

With this in mind, we look forward to the Fifth Committee authorizing the funding requested by the Secretary-General to ensure that the progress that has been made will not be reversed and that the path leading to peace and stability in Somalia will be strengthened.

We also support the request in the resolution to establish a trust fund to provide financial support to AMISOM and to assist in the reestablishment, training and retention of all-inclusive Somali security forces. While we will not be contributing to this fund, we will continue to provide direct support to AMISOM and Somali security sector reform. We also encourage other countries to either provide in-kind direct support to AMISOM operations and reform of the Somali security sector, or contribute to the trust fund.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.


PRN: 2009/060