Statement by James B. Donovan, Deputy Legal Advisor, The Special Committee on the Charter of the UN and Strengthening the Role of the Organization

James B. Donovan
Deputy Legal Advisor United States Mission to the UN 
New York, NY
March 1, 2010


Thank you Mr. Chairman.  As others have said, we also express our deepest condolences to the people of Chile.
The United States is pleased to offer you our full support in your chairmanship of this Committee and your important work to make this session of the Charter Committee a success.  As the Committee begins its work, we hope this session will proceed in the spirit of efficiency and avoid duplicating efforts in other United Nations bodies.  In that vein, we would like to provide a few opening thoughts on the work of the Committee this session.  We continue to believe that the issue of Committee efficiency is a crucial one and we urge that the Committee remain focused on ways to improve its productivity throughout this session.

This Committee has a number of longstanding proposals before it.  We believe many of the issues they consider have been taken up and addressed here in the United Nations.  Similarly we are cautious about proceeding to add any new items to the Committee’s agenda at this time.  With regard to sanctions related matters, we note the positive developments elsewhere in the United Nations that are designed to ensure that the UN system of targeted sanctions remains a robust tool for combating threats to international peace and security.

We note that targeted sanctions have substantially minimized unintended economic consequences for States.  In regard to the specific items before the Committee, the United States does not support the proposal that the GA request from the ICJ an advisory opinion on the use of force.  This matter is adequately and clearly addressed in the relevant provisions of the UN Charter.

Regarding the Repertory of Practice of United Nations Organs and Repertoire of the Practice of the Security Council, the US welcomes the report from the Secretariat that the backlogs from these publications have been reduced.  We support recommending that the General Assembly reiterate calls for voluntary contributions to the relevant trust funds and call upon the Secretary-General to continue efforts to update the two publications. 
Thank you Mr. Chairman.


PRN: 2010/038