Remarks by Ambassador Rick Barton, U.S. Representative on the Economic and Social Council to the United Nations, in the General Assembly, on the Mandate Renewal for UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres

Ambassador Rick Barton
U.S. Representative for Economic and Social Affairs 
U.S. Mission to the United Nations 
New York, NY
April 22, 2010


The United States wholeheartedly supports António Guterres for another five-year term as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.  We have been extremely impressed by his broad vision and collaboration in addressing the global humanitarian agenda, and in his leadership and professionalism in the face of the many complex humanitarian emergencies.
The High Commissioner’s reform efforts, including needs-based budgeting, results-based management, and human resources reform show great promise.  His strong advocacy for protection and promoting human rights, as well as for peace and reconciliation is known to all.  His commitment to issues such as addressing critical gaps in the areas of malaria, anemia, malnutrition, reproductive health and gender-based violence have allowed UNHCR to better incorporate these into its operational activities.  Finally, and perhaps most notably, High Commissioner Guterres has been an unwavering advocate on behalf of the millions of persons of concern to UNHCR - taking the time to meet with and listen to refugees, the internally displaced, and other victims of conflict and upheaval and to find better ways to bring protection and solutions to the world’s most vulnerable – a cause shared by all and imbedded in the founding principles of the United Nations.


PRN: 2010/067