Remarks by Ambassador Brooke D. Anderson, U.S. Alternative Representative for Special Political Affairs, at the Pledging Conference for the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

Brooke Anderson
U.S. Alternate Representative for Special Political Affairs 
U.S. Mission to the United Nations 
New York, NY
May 25, 2010


Your Excellencies, Mr. Chan Tani and Mr. Kranh Tony, thank you for your important statements and your presence here today. Thank you also for the deeply moving and important film, “Long Awaited Day”, which brought the voices of people from Cambodia to this chamber today. The United States strongly supports bringing to justice senior leaders and those most responsible for the atrocities committed under the Khmer Rouge Regime.

In 2009, tens of thousands of Cambodians visited the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia to witness the head of the infamous Tuol Sleng prison being tried for horrific crimes in a credible, internationally-backed court. It was an important step in bringing justice to the people of Cambodia and an important stand against impunity.

Indictments for a second case are currently being prepared against the four most senior Khmer Rouge leaders still living. A third case is also being investigated.

The Court needs our support here today to continue this work. The Court deserves our support, having made progress in areas beyond the court room.

Since allegations of administrative corruption at the court were raised in 2007, the Royal Government of Cambodia and the United Nations have worked together to effectively strengthen the court, including through the appointment of an Independent Counsellor. We support the important progress that has been made to strengthen management of the Court. We are hopeful that the court’s continued progress will cement its legacy as a vehicle for justice for all Cambodians.

We have been pleased to serve on the Steering Committee for the ECCC, and were honored to chair the Steering Committee during the first quarter of this year.

Today, in light of the continued progress at the court, the United States plans to contribute $5 million to support the court’s vital work. This decision to provide further funding for the court reflects our commitment to support this process to help it reach its conclusion and to support Cambodia’s work to build a society based on the rule of law.

We encourage all nations to make a generous contribution to either the national or international side of the court. With support, the court will be able to move forward with Case 002, issuing a closing order by September. With support, we can all help make possible the “Long Awaited Day” -- a day for justice and a day for accountability.

Together we can help record for all time the atrocities that were committed in Cambodia and the efforts people made to end impunity for those crimes.


PRN: 2010/112