Remarks by Ambassador Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, on Iran, at the Security Council Stakeout

Susan E. Rice
U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations 
U.S. Mission to the United Nations 
New York, NY
June 8, 2010


Ambassador Rice: Good evening everyone, we had our second meeting on Iran today, we held a session in consultations as you know, where Perm Reps had the opportunity to yet again exchange their thoughts on the challenge that Iran poses to international peace and security and their respective views on the impending resolution, we had a very similar discussion just now again in the open chamber where no real ground was broken. Countries essentially reiterated what they had said behind closed doors this morning. So we are looking forward to tomorrow morning, 10’oclock when the Council will convene to vote the resolution that you have all seen, which I believe will be number 1929. It is a strong, broad based resolution that will impose meaningful and significant new sanctions on Iran. Our aim remains to persuade Iran to halt its nuclear program and negotiate constructively and in earnest with the international community. We remain committed to the dual track approach and determined to see not only the adoption by a strong majority, the resolution tomorrow, but also its full and effective implementation. I am happy to take just a couple of questions.

Reporter: If you look at three rounds of sanctions before this one, they are definitely new and tougher sanctions, but is it what you would like to have seen in terms of many of the sanctions being voluntary?

Ambassador Rice: This is not a resolution comprised of voluntary measures, there are many serious, new binding measures in this new resolution and we feel very pleased with its content. It is strong, it is broad based, and it will have a significant impact on Iran, which is why Iran has worked so hard to try to prevent its adoption.

Reporter: Ambassador, ambassador, just so there is no misunderstanding ambassador, which of these parts of the resolution are binding?


Ambassador Rice: You all are skilled enough to read it yourselves, I have briefed it extensively, but I will go through a few of them as we speak. There are binding bans on Iranian investment in uranium facilities and activities abroad. There are binding arms restrictions, there are binding bans on launches of ballistic missiles that could carry nuclear weapons. There are a series of steps, which together, result in a binding inspections regime. I could go on. The financial measures are new and ground breaking and extremely significant, as are the measures in the commercial sphere. This is a resolution that in all of its categories is comprehensive and strong and will have a really significant impact. Thank you very much. I will talk to you more tomorrow.

PRN: 2010/113