Statement by Ambassador Rick Barton, U.S. Representative to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, on the Adoption of the Peacebuilding Commission Review Resolution, General Assembly

Ambassador Rick Barton
U.S. Representative 
New York, NY
October 29, 2010


Mr. President, Distinguished Delegates,

The United States would like to thank our colleagues from Ireland, Mexico and South Africa, for their fine work and we welcome their comprehensive report. The PBC Review provides many important recommendations on how to move peacebuilding forward – from greater coordination between New York and the field, as well as across the UN system; to how to truly incorporate gender; to ways to build national ownership.

The United States strongly supports the Peacebuilding Commission’s work and this review, as promoting sustainable peace lies at the heart of the United Nation’s mission. Former Secretary-General Annan used to speak of the “missing middle” between peacekeeping and sustainable development. The PBC is striving to meet that commitment by linking ambitions in New York with programs in the field; coordinating better with international institutions; running programs; and assessing needs in post-conflict countries. The PBC should encourage actors to support coherence in the field through more inclusive dialogue, greater innovation, stronger best practices, and better resource delivery and capacity building.

We urge the PBC to more systematically and substantively engage women in peacemaking and post-conflict planning processes and to commit to implementing the action plan proposed in the Secretary-General’s report on Women’s Participation in Peacebuilding.

In the end, the success of peacebuilding depends on leadership from the country emerging from conflict itself on its own leaders and communities. The UN must make this its top priority.

The Peacebuilding Commission Review marks an important milestone as we all assess the role that the PBC – and the UN as a whole – can and should play in helping post-conflict societies find their footing on the path to lasting peace and prosperity.

Thank you, Mr. President.


PRN: 2010/249