Statement by Ambassador Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, on Today's Elections in Burma

Susan E. Rice
U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations 
U.S. Mission to the United Nations 
New York, NY
November 7, 2010


Today's elections in Burma were neither free nor fair, neither credible nor legitimate. Yet again, the Burmese regime has missed a critical opportunity to move toward democracy and improve the lives of the Burmese people. Instead, the entire election process was flawed and failed to reflect the will of the people of Burma. The regime chose to deprive Burmese of the basic freedoms that underpin any democratic election -- freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom from intimidation. Most egregiously, the regime prevented the participation of the more than 2,100 political prisoners, including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

When Burmese authorities announced their "roadmap to democracy," the Security Council called on the government to create an atmosphere conducive to an inclusive and credible process, including the release of all political prisoners, full participation of all political actors and respect for fundamental political freedoms. Instead, the ruling junta chose to hold a vote under conditions of oppression, intimidation, and fear.

The United States will continue to work with our international partners, including through the UN, to stand with the Burmese people who steadfastly seek peace and democracy.


PRN: 2010/272