Explanation of Position on Agenda Item 20 - the Sustainable Development "International Strategy for Disaster Reduction

Lynne Gadkowski, Adviser, U.S. Mission to the UN
New York, NY
November 30, 2010


The United States remains a committed partner in working with Member States and the United Nations in support of the mission of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, and the critically important work of the ISDR Secretariat in helping to reduce and, in some cases, eliminate the human tragedy wrought by natural disasters.

Operative paragraph 15 of this resolution requests the Secretary-General to consider how best to support implementation of the natural disaster reduction strategy, taking into account the important role played by the ISDR Secretariat. We recognize the need for sufficient funding so that ISDR can successfully carry out its mandate, but believe this request should be considered in the context of the existing allocation of resources for natural disaster reduction in the 2010-11 program budget.


PRN: 2010/298