Explanation of Vote by Courtney R. Nemroff, Counsellor, U.S. Mission to the United Nations, on Agenda Item 22: Towards a New International Economic Order, in the Second Committee of the General Assembly

Courtney Nemroff, Counsellor, U.S. Mission to the UN
New York, NY
November 18, 2010


Mr. Chairman,

This year marks the 36th anniversary of the Declaration of the Establishment of the New International Economic Order, but unfortunately this resolution does not acknowledge any of the progress and changes that have come to pass in the past three and a half decades. Rather it frames issues in a way that was unnecessarily divisive in the 1970’s and has become increasingly out of date in the intervening years, as the global economy has changed with some of the world's biggest economies now coming from the developing world.

The United States agrees that the world community must work together to develop a more effective, inclusive, economic system that promotes sustained economic growth and development. Working toward shared international objectives, such as the Millennium Development Goals, is an essential part of this process. Unfortunately, we view the substance of this resolution as dated and counterproductive to this effort, and will request a vote again this year.


PRN: 2010/308