Explanation of Vote by Tobias H. Glucksman, Adviser, U.S. Mission to the United Nations, on Agenda Item 17: Information and Communication Technologies for Development, in the Second Committee of the UN General Assembly

Tobias H. Glucksman
United States Advisor 
New York, NY
November 24, 2010


Mr. Chairman, the United States is pleased to join consensus on this resolution. It highlights the essential role that information and communications technologies play in development. It also renews the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) under its present mandate for a further five years, recognizing the IGF’s important contributions to internationalizing internet governance.

The United States continues to believe that internet governance discussions and policymaking must continue to include the full range of stakeholders. This is a position that enjoys overwhelming consensus, and was enshrined in the IGF’s unique, inclusive structure. The value of that structure, and the contribution the IGF has made to international internet governance, was recognized by the Secretary General, and 97% of the respondents to his survey, who welcomed the IGF’s renewal under its present mandate.

Despite clear evidence that the IGF has succeeded, the United States regrets that the consensus reached today did not better reflect the important steps that the Internet Governance Forum has taken to examine its working methods and participation, and objectively improve upon them. We should not ignore the year-to-year increase in participation in the IGF by developing countries, its innovative and successful implementation of multi-lingual and remote participation, and the responsiveness of the Forum's agenda to expressed interest in development issues and the management of internet resources. All these improvements have taken place, with remarkable speed, under the stewardship of current Executive Coordinator Markus Kummer, whose dedication to the Forum and tireless efforts bear special mention.

Thank you.


PRN: 2010/311