Security Council Presidential Statement Read by Ambassador Susan E. Rice, U.S. Representative to the United Nations, in her Capacity as President of the UN Security Council, on the Situation in Sudan

Susan E. Rice
U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations 
U.S. Mission to the United Nations 
New York, NY
December 16, 2010


The Security Council welcomes the Sudanese parties’ reaffirmations of their commitment to full and timely implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), and reaffirms its strong support for the parties’ efforts in this regard. The Security Council welcomes the conclusion of a peaceful registration process for the Southern Sudan referendum in Sudan, and encourages the parties to continue this forward momentum towards peaceful and credible referenda held on January 9, 2011 that reflect the will of the people. The Council strongly urges the CPA parties to promptly fulfill their remaining commitments to finance the Southern Sudan Referendum Commission and Southern Sudan Referendum Bureau.

The Security Council reaffirms its support for the UN Secretary General’s Panel for the Referenda led by President Benjamin Mkapa, and welcomes its work, including its December 9, 2010 statement noting that the registration process provides the basis for a credible referendum. The Council extends its appreciation for the efforts of international and domestic observers.

The Security Council notes with deep concern the absence of an agreement on Abyei. The Security Council strongly urges the parties to calm rising tensions in Abyei, to urgently reach agreement on Abyei and other outstanding CPA issues, and to resolve critical post-referenda issues including the border, security, citizenship, debts, assets, currency and natural resources. The Council welcomes the work of the African Union High Level Implementation Panel, led by former South African President Thabo Mbeki, and its continuing efforts in this regard.

The Security Council reiterates its call for all parties to cooperate fully with UNMIS in the discharge of its mandate, specifically with respect to protection of civilians and to granting unhindered access and freedom of movement.

The Security Council reiterates the urgent need for the parties to provide immediate and ongoing reassurance to people of all nationalities in Sudan, so that their rights, safety and property will be respected whatever the outcome of the referenda, and the urgent need to focus on the security and protection of minorities including Southerners in the North and Northerners in the South.
The Security Council urges the parties to ensure that citizenship and residency arrangements are in accordance with applicable international obligations and refrain from arbitrarily depriving an individual of citizenship. The Council urges the CPA parties to respect their obligations.

The Council stresses the importance of inclusive, timely, and credible popular consultations processes in Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan States, in accordance with the CPA. The Council also stresses the need for Southern Kordofan state-level elections to be held in accordance with the timeline established by the National Elections Commission.

The Security Council underlines that, whatever the outcome of the referenda, continued cooperation between the CPA parties will remain essential. The Council stresses the importance of the parties abiding by the commitments recorded in the AU High Level Implementation Panel statement of November 15, including to find peaceful solutions to all outstanding matters, to never to resort to war again, and that neither party should take any action, or support any group, that would undermine the security of the other. The Council is deeply concerned about the recent military incidents in the Kiir River Valley and the subsequent displacement of civilians, and urges all parties to exercise restraint, avoiding escalation.

The Security Council reaffirms its support for the AU-UN led peace process for Darfur, hosted by the Government of Qatar. The Council strongly urges all rebel movements to join the peace process without further delay or preconditions. The Council reiterates the importance of increased participation of women in the Sudanese peace processes. The Security Council reiterates its deep concern about the increases in violence and insecurity in Darfur, including recently in Khor Abeche, such as ceasefire violations, attacks by rebel groups, increased inter-tribal fighting, attacks on humanitarian personnel and peacekeepers, and aerial bombardment by the Government of Sudan. The Council recalls the importance it attaches to an end to impunity, and to justice for crimes committed in Darfur. The Council reiterates its willingness to consider measures against any party whose actions undermine peace in Sudan.


PRN: 2010/330