Remarks by Terri L. Robl, U.S. Deputy Representative to the UN Economic and Social Council, U.S. Mission to the United Nations, at the ECOSOC 2014 Session on Operational Activities

Terri Robl
U.S. Deputy Representative to the UN Economic and Social Council 
New York, NY
February 26, 2014


Thank you, Mr. President. We join others in expressing appreciation for this well-organized, engaging and informative session. We also thank the panelists, including the Resident Coordinators, for their detailed and constructive presentations.

My delegation is glad to have had a chance to review progress made on the QCPR in this operational activities session of ECOSOC.

We congratulate the funds, programs, and specialized agencies on the significant reforms they have accomplished in the last 15 months. The UN Development Group monitoring and reporting framework, the Delivering as One standard operating procedures, the progress on common premises, and the work by High Level Committee on Management to promote and monitor harmonization of business practices are just a few examples of the concrete steps the UN development system has taken to make QCPR reforms a reality. We know these were not easy tasks, and we commend the progress made.

As 2014 marks the halfway point to the next QCPR, my delegation believes ECOSOC’s monitoring role should focus on ensuring the implementation of agreed QCPR mandates in the time remaining, to ensure that we use the newly reformed ECOSOC schedule, and the Executive Boards themselves, as intended, and in line with our expectations about ECOSOC’s mandated responsibilities, rather than adding new duplicative mandates elsewhere in the UN development system.

We have taken note of your calls to Member States, expressed so eloquently by the specialized agencies, to deliver coherent policy guidance at all levels, and not to confuse mandates or clog inboxes with additional demands that detract from their missions.

In this operational activities segment, we have especially appreciated the active engagement of program countries, including Delivering as One pilot countries, in the debates. We thank them for sharing their critical perspectives and reminding us of the goal of better delivery of development results for people who need it around the world.

In conclusion, Mr. President, Member States asked the UN development system for reforms through the QCPR, and the system is responding. We will strive to give you the space and time to do your important work. Thank you.


PRN: 2014/032