Remarks by Stephen Lieberman, U.S. Minister Counselor for United Nations Management and Reform, at the Closing Session of the Fifth Committee

Stephen Lieberman
Minister Counselor for UN Management and Reform 
U.S. Mission to the United Nations 
New York, NY
July 3, 2014


Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

This has been a particularly intense session, and in fact we walked to the very edge of the precipice. At the last minute, we narrowly avoided falling into the abyss. I think we should all have one more resolution today—an informal one amongst us—that we will never go that way again. The package we’ve agreed to today is imperfect, but it’s a fair and balanced solution to very difficult issues. I think there are no winners or losers today.

The package we’ve agreed to includes two major accomplishments. First, we preserved the global peacekeeping partnership and we’ve reaffirmed our collective commitment to provide the resources needed to support the thousands of brave men and women—military, police, and civilian—who are serving the cause of global peace and security around the world. Second, we preserved the longstanding and essential principle of achieving consensus in this committee.

In achieving these, we have recognized the invaluable contribution of the countries who provide troops and police to peacekeeping and we have done so in a responsible and sustainable way that recognizes the ability of all Member States to contribute. I thank all my colleagues for the flexibility they have shown throughout the session; without flexibility on all our parts, we would never have gotten here.

Finally, Mr. Chairman, I thank you for your strong, able leadership that brought us to this point. I know many times you felt like you were herding cats, and I offer my sincere thanks to you.

On a personal note, Mr. Chairman, this is my last Fifth Committee session. For four years, it’s been a tremendous honor for me to sit behind the placard of the United States and to be in this esteemed body. I express my total gratitude to each and every one of you in this room for your friendship, your tolerance of my sleepiness at night, the general atmosphere, and the time we spent together with the long nights and frustrating days.

I thank you, Mr. Chairman.


PRN: 2014/152