Ambassador Power remarks on peacekeeping at the 69th Regiment Armory

Remarks on Peacekeeping at the 69th Regiment Armory

That is what we expect of peacekeeping in the 21st century. Peacekeepers willing to defend a set of core principles enshrined by our United Nations… And peacekeepers willing to stand up – rather than stand by or stand down – when the people they are entrusted with defending come under attack.

- Ambassador Samantha Power

Security Council Vote on Iran Non-Proliferation

The countries of the United Nations did largely unite behind the cause of preventing nuclear proliferation in Iran. And it was the persistent, multilateral pressure that came out of this unity...that gave the P5+1 and EU negotiators the leverage they needed to get the deal that would advance our collective security.

- Ambassador Samantha Power

UNSC Resolution Commemorating Srebrenica Genocide Vetoed

The crime of genocide is the crime that the United Nations Genocide Convention was written and ratified to prevent and punish. The crime of genocide in Srebrenica is what the genocide convention – which all of us have ratified – exists to prevent and punish. Reconciliation cannot be built by burying the dark parts of one’s history, however unsettling they may be.

-Ambassador Samantha Power

Remembering and Honoring the Victims of the Genocide in Srebrenica

We must never forget the genocide in Srebrenica. Our words will ring hollow if in the here and now we don’t believe the unbelievable, if we don’t end the culture of impunity that exists in so many places around the world, and if we don’t strengthen our resolve to protect those who count on us all.

-Ambassador Samantha Power

Ambassador Samantha Power - State Dept Image

U.S. Support for the People of Ukraine

But there is something more important that is often lost in the international discussion about Russia’s efforts to impose its will on Ukraine. And that is you – the people of Ukraine – and your right to determine the course of your own country’s future.

- Ambassador Samantha Power

Representing the United States at the United Nations

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Tue, June 23

President Obama Hosts a Ramadan Iftar Dinner at the White House

The President also spoke of the inherent freedoms in America that bind us together

Sat, April 04

Weekly Address: Reaching a Comprehensive and Long-Term Deal on Iran's Nuclear Program

The deal, announced on Thursday, meets our core objectives

Wed, April 01

Expanding Our Ability to Combat Cyber Threats

The actions we take today will help ensure that the Internet remains an enabler of global commerce and innovation.

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