UN Reform

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Date: 11/17/2010 Description: United Nations in New York © UN Image

The United States is working  to strengthen the United Nations to meet 21st century challenges. The United States  brings to its dealings with the UN high expectations for its performance and accountability. In cooperation with other governments, we are pursuing substantial and sustained improvements across the full range of management and performance challenges, including financial accountability, efficiency, transparency, ethics and internal oversight, and program effectiveness. Recognizing that important work on all of these issues has been undertaken, we seek further progress and reform to address flaws in the institutions, to meet the unprecedented demands made on it, and to sustain confidence in and support for the UN.

UN Oversight and Transparency Reports; OIOS is responsible for providing world-wide audit, investigation, inspection, programme monitoring, evaluation and consulting services to the United Nations Secretariat and a wide range of United Nations operational funds, programmes and tribunals.
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