Check Wallah, 19, Bonaberi, Cameroon

December 21, 2010

Note: The following was submitted for consideration by the United Nations Security Council for “Voices of a New Generation,” an interactive event held on Dec. 21, 2010. The views and opinions of authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of the United States Government or United Nations.

In our World today, the main goal of every government is to maintain a calm and serene atmosphere both within its borders and beyond. However, a close examination of the issues reveals that the most vital challenge to International Peace and Security in todays societies lies in ineffective governance.

Firstly, closely examining most countries in the world especially those in Africa with political instability or having other peace-related issues, have a weak government. In Sudan for example the presence of the weak regime has created tension between the northern and southern Sudanese, which eventually resulted in conflicts that caught the glimpse of almost every eye in the world.

Secondly, In Cameroon from where I hail, there has been a single leader for almost a generation. This has had an adverse effect on our economy resulting in a huge brain drain of the literate population. Despite our high illiteracy rate, education is disregarded as a misadventure with government officials embezzling state funds, which has sprouted the high levels of corruption in the country. This phenomenon has infected the whole system up to a point where most intellectuals are emigrating to search for greener- pasture. Such malpractices will in the long-run generate civil conflicts that may call for International concern.

However, The United Nations Security Council can target International Peace and Security, by addressing the problem of lack of good governance in Africa more seriously than in the past. Furthermore, by formulating policies that check for weak and corrupt regimes in developing countries will go a long way in the maintenance global tranquility. Also, by sanctioning countries with high levels of bribery and corruption will contribute immensely to the achievement of International Peace and Security.

- Check Wallah, 19, Bonaberi, Cameroon